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Alan Kutassy

Brazilian of heart and soul, born in São Paulo- Brazil from ”Carioca“ mix of german-austrian and french brazilian-portuguese parents, a traveller and world wonderer.

Professionaly devoted to economy and finance, with strong interests in international business, especially, Logistics & Digital Marketing.

After ranked first place at general entry exam, he started an academic career at FAE Business School in Curitiba, southern Brazil, dropping out and leaving his country in 2002, and finished his BA degree in the UK in Business Studies at Brighton University followed by a MSc Banking and Finance degree at University of Luxembourg.

Following a hobby and interest in those subject he decided to start-up a trading company in Luxembourg to represent commecial relations between Brazil and Europe.

A natural promoter of brazilian affairs due to his roots, he is actively engaged to support and advise brazilian clients and businesses to make Luxembourg their financial center of choice.

Also enthusiast of gastronomy, wines, travelling, environmental protection, socialising and connecting people.


Alex Gavinha

CEO & Founder - NightLife Entertainment

Cachaça HUB Independent Supporter

Alex Gavinha has a vast internationally knowledge in the entertainment, nightlife, F&B and hospitality industry.

Brazilian born with European origin, Gavinha has more than 21 years of solid experience in events, operations management, restaurant marketing and consulting, working with different premium and luxury brands, including also major labels of spirits, beer, wines and champagne, has developed his networking in several countries of South America, Europe and most recently in Asia, where is based since 2016. 

Alex is a leading professional in developing and implementing brand concept, market research, communication strategy, media planning and promotion, also he is a great connoisseur and appreciator of mixology, music and gastronomy, always seeking to develop new ideas and trends for the international market, especially in emerging countries. 

His passion for brand development and brand experience has provided key relationships with different hotel groups and beverages companies, creating important connections for a strong pipeline of opportunities across the markets. 

His portfolio includes work with brands such as: LVMH, Diageo, Phillip Morris, Bacardi, Red Bull, Heineken, Telefonica, Brown-Forman, Audi, Renault, Citroen, BMW, Harley Davidson, DKNY, Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Accor Hotels, Melia Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Taittinger, Nicolas Feuillatte, Perrier-Nestlé, Jack Daniels, AMBEV; among others.


Nuno Soares

Cachaça HUB Independent Supporter
Nuno Soares, a Portuguese-Luxembourguish and citizen of the world, an IT geek that fell in love with Brazilian gastronomy and... cachaça, music, and brazilian spirits. He finds personal realisation in art-creation for food and cocktails, making customers amazed with brazilian gastronomic gems. He  joined  New Brazilian Spirits Co. as he shares the ultimate dream to spread the brazilian gastronomy culture over Europe. 

He brings in expertise of food and wine industry, especially Portuguese, and a strong network to develop market awareness of this wave  called « Cachaça 2.0 » that is at its first stage developing in Brazil, already going up in the USA, and soon in Europe over the next years which will see an up trend of Cachaça due to its recognition and origin certification.

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