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Cachaça new joint venture

In Brazil we have today more than 40.000 producers and 4.000 brands of cachaças. 

Cachaça is making its way to be fully recognized spirit among its peers worldwide with its registered designation of origin. Yes, Cachaça is proudly 100% brazilian by origin, regulated by law, and a symbol of our cultural heritage.

This pride is making the industry to boom in Brazil followed also after strong exposure during the World cup 2014 and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 of this brazilian spirit, the magic behind the white beaches and the most famous of all drinks in the world, "Caipirinha".

Following a worldwide trend on artisanal beverages growth, producers have invested massively in improving quality of their cachaças, which have been conquering minds and hearts around the world, with the finest final products, especially those ones aged in brazilian wood barrels..... the mistery of the new world are just starting to reveal new palates....


Why partnering in this project?

We understand that brazilian producers need to focus their efforts on the production of this special distillate.

It takes time and patience to growth the finest sugar cane used in the process. The basics are the same of 500 years ago when the first bottles were produced, our land, our earth, our sun, our rain. However the production consume many other resources including time and capital.

So, in this joint venture we aim sharing logistic costs and making mutual investment in marketing under one stronger platform, and quality stamp brand.

We make difference as we team up a group of the best producers with one unique objective:


It is our humble objective....

This is why we partner only the best producers to join us to face this challenge, working openly together to achieve our objectives, while bringing their products to international appreciation and of what makes us distinctive, yes, we bring to the world a new spirit, happier one.

We represent different regions, Brazilian regionalisms, tastes, woods, cachaças are all the same....but different at the same time.


Cachaça Hub

We are creating the first hub of handcrafted Cachaça in Europe and in the World.

Our aim is to make business partners and consumers think of cachaça ahead, in the most brazilian way: a happy spirit.

We will offer our partners:

  1. New Brazilian Spirits Company: we make the fine selection of Cachaças for our clients based on recommendations of renowned sommelier of cachaças.
  2. Logistics partners: Luxembourg is a country  in the heart of Europe, it is our smart choice to serve as center of distribution to serve our logistic partners covering European Market and work in close cooperation with other wholesales, retails or re-sellers.
  3. Branding: we  develop Cachaça HUB awareness using modern sales tools, with online and on the ground experts, we partner with promoters, festivals organisers, official bartender schools, thematic brazilian events, local private clubs, harmonisation, and good opportunities to develop our brand.
  4. Mutualism: win-win ties along entire value-chain to reduce costs and increase good experience.
  5. Clients: on-trade and off-trade clients able to develop cachaça category offering outstanding products for consumers in Europe with good value and enrich their portfolios.

Cachaça HUB

Tracked Quality - QR code

We provide our products with a CG quality label available in QR code format, that provides further information to our customers, making it informative, interesting, educative, safer due to traceability, for all professionals, amateurs and curious.

The standard languages include English, German, French, Portuguese. Some others in other languages.

We can taylor this for any language in any market worldwide.