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Did you know....?

Did you know....Cachaça (pronounced Ka-sha-ssa) is produced in Brazil since 1532?

Did you know.... different of rum made of molasses and add addictives to change colour, aroma and tastes, Cachaça is made from sugar cane fresh juice and carries no other addictive at all?

Did you know... that since 1532, Brazil developed and today there are over 30 types of different wood barrels to mature cachaça?

Did you know.... that Cachaça is the most consumed distillate beveraged together with whisky and vodka?

Did you know.... that Cachaça producers in Brazil are regulated by law and control of origin?

Did you know.... Brazil has already signed reciprocal recognition agreements with US government in exchange for recognition of Bourbon whisky, and the same with Mexico regarding Agave Tequila, and EU bloc will recognise it as well?

Did you know....that among over 80 types of sugar cane, there are 5 types of them ideal for Cachaça making, and one of those five the most popular?

Did you know.... Cachaça quality regulation audit and strictly requires cachaça to have from 38% to 48% alc. volume, making a distinctive difference of fake players carrying the name Cachaça and liable of fines in Brazil?

Did you know.... there is specific regulation regarding differences of silver, gold, premium and extra-premium cachaça?

Did you know.... the most famous cocktail in the world, the caipirinha, is made using Cachaça?

Did you know... we drink caipirinha with cachaça handcrafted by familiar producers in the 5th generation, which is tastier, more aromatic and finally organic and healthier?

Did you know.... there are also hundreds of cocktails Cachaça based which makes it the most versatile and loved spirit in the world?